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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Discover a chip in your storefront window or a damaged glass front door? Don't let it drive customers away. Wolverine Glass and Sandhill Glass Co. specialize in fabricating and installing aluminum frame windows, entrances, storefronts, and curtainwall systems for commercial and governmental buildings. Our services extend to repairing and maintaining these systems, covering windows, storefront glass, entrance doors, curtain wall systems, and security glass. Whether it's chip repairs or complete replacements, we've got you covered.

Commercial Glass Door Repair

Elevate your storefront's appearance and functionality with our comprehensive repair services. From adjusting closers for seamless operation to replacing handles and locks for enhanced security, our experts ensure every touchpoint reflects professionalism and reliability. We also specialize in door sweep and seal replacements, rusted or seized door repairs, and overall door adjustments to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. Transform your space with our premium commercial glass door repair in Ann Arbor. 

Commercial Glass Repair

For all your commercial glass needs in Ann Arbor, Wolverine Glass and Sandhill Glass Co. offer professional solutions to address broken glass, fogged insulated units, and interior glass issues in retail, office, and institutional spaces. Our expert team swiftly replaces broken glass panels, restores clarity to fogged insulated units, and handles interior glass repairs with precision and care.

Wolverine Can Help with Your Commercial Glass Repair In Ann Arbor

If you need to install, replace, or repair commercial glass in Ann Arbor, Wolverine Glass has the knowledge and expertise to help you. 

Contact us today at (734) 426-5600 for your commercial glass installation and replacements. 

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