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Selecting the Perfect Mirror for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Mirror Ann Arbor

Is your bathroom mirror feeling a bit dated?

Recently remodel your bathroom and need a mirror that fits the new theme? 

A high-quality mirror is a foundational fixture in any bathroom, playing a crucial role in preparing for the day.

Here are five things to keep in mind when selecting your new bathroom mirror:

Size & Placement

Think about what the ideal height for the mirror is to make sure it can suit the various needs and heights of those in your home.  Whether you have a tall spouse or small children,  you want everyone to be able to look into the mirror at eye level.  
The size of the mirror can vary whether it stretches from wall to wall behind your vanity or is smaller and centered behind your sink.  Consider what looks best for your bathroom and for your needs.  


Consider how your new mirror is going to reflect natural light and light from the various light fixtures in your room.  Ideally, you want to minimize shadows.  If there is a light fixture where you want your mirror to go, a custom mirror can have outlet and light fixture holes cut into it to accommodate.

How to Hang the Mirror 

There are a variety of different ways to hang a mirror.  One of the most common methods in bathrooms is to have the mirror resting against the backsplash.  This is simple way to support the mirror while making sure that it is at a good height, while some bathrooms use mirrors that are hung like a picture frame.  


Moisture is a mirror's enemy. Select a hanging method and placement that prevents the mirror from being exposed to water, avoiding issues like water spots. Finding the right size and hanging combination ensures easier maintenance and longevity.

Materials used

Not all mirrors are cut from the same reflective cloth.  Mirrors can come in different thicknesses generally ranging from 1/8” to ¼”.  ¼” mirror is the most commonly recommended mirror thickness for a bathroom.  It provides greater durability and is less prone to breakage.  A ¼” mirror also gives the mirror greater depth than a thinner one.

Wolverine Glass Helps You Pick the Best Bathroom Mirrors in Ann Arbor

Are you looking for a new bathroom mirror in Ann Arbor

At Wolverine Glass, we understand the importance of choosing the right mirror for your needs.  Upgrade your space with a high-quality mirror to ensure you start your day in style!

Contact us today to discover the perfect bathroom mirror!


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