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Unlocking the Perfect Shower Door: Elevating Your Bathroom's Style & Functionality

How do you envision your ideal shower experience?

Is your current shower poorly designed? Tired of the inconvenience and frustration? Shower doors are more than just a practical necessity in any bathroom; they're an opportunity to add style and functionality.

With many different styles available, choosing the right shower door can improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and boost its value. 

Understanding the Styles

1.    Sliding Shower Doors: The perfect solution for smaller bathrooms or those with limited space. They offer a sleek and contemporary look, while providing easy access to the shower area without swinging outward. 

2.    Frameless Shower Doors: Frameless shower doors create an elegant, upscale style. Made of thick tempered glass without any metal framing, they create a seamless and open look in any bathroom, making it appear more spacious and inviting. Frameless doors are perfect for contemporary or minimalist bathrooms, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

3.    Framed or Semi Frameless Shower doors: Similar to frameless shower doors, these hinged shower doors typically swing outwards. These shower doors typically have a frame around all sides of the shower to hold the glass panels and the door.  This style is a budget friendly option and preferred for secondary bathrooms like guest bathrooms or main living areas.  

Choosing the Right Style for Your Bathroom

•    Daily Use: Consider your daily routine when you take a shower. How do you reach the controls to turn your shower on? Where do you keep your towel to dry off after? Aesthetics are important, but don’t forget functionality. Choose a shower door that will enhance your daily routine. 

•    Bathroom Aesthetic:  When selecting a new shower door, you want to ensure that your selection pairs well with the other features in your bathroom, like the flooring (tile vs. laminate), cabinets, shower and sink controls. Your shower door should stand out for its beauty, not because it looks out of place from the rest of your bathroom.

•    Shower Layout: The most common shower layouts are in-line and typically range in width from 28-72. Some may have a corner unit with a bench. These common layouts usually provide the most options in shower door selection. If the layout is complex with odd angles, obstructions, etc., then the choices may be fewer and might require more costly, custom designs.  

Enhance Your Bathroom with a New Shower Door in Ann Arbor

When selecting the perfect shower door for your bathroom, consider both style and function. 
Whether you're aiming for a sleek and modern look or a timeless and elegant feel, there's a shower door style that's perfectly suited to your space. 

If you’re ready for a new shower door in Ann Arbor, contact our team today for a consultation. 


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