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Commercial Glass Door Repair

Are your commercial doors showing signs of wear and tear?

Ready to elevate the appearance and performance of your storefront doors?

Your commercial doors aren't just entryways; they're the first impression of your business. Make it a lasting one with our sister company, Sandhill Glass, where we offer a spectrum of services designed to elevate your commercial space and leave a lasting impression.

Step into Excellence with Our Services:

Closers: Smooth, controlled door operation is essential for safety and convenience. Let our experts adjust or replace door closers, ensuring every entry and exit is seamless and secure.

Hinges: A broken hinge or a door off its hinges can halt your business in its tracks. We swiftly repair or replace storefront doors, restoring their functionality and ensuring your business stays open and accessible.

Handles: Your door handles speak volumes about your attention to detail. Don't let broken or loose handles tarnish your image. Our team specializes in repairing and replacing handles, ensuring every touchpoint reflects professionalism and reliability.

Lock Mechanisms: Security is paramount. Trust us to repair or replace common storefront door locks and latching mechanisms, providing peace of mind for you and your customers.

Door Sweeps & Seals: Keep drafts, moisture, and pests at bay with our door sweep and seal replacement services. We'll ensure your space remains comfortable, energy-efficient, and welcoming.

Door Adjustments: A door that rubs or drags can be a nuisance. Our experts provide adjustments and replace worn parts like hinges and thresholds, restoring smooth operation and safety.

Rusted or Seized Doors: Don't let rust or seizing derail your business. Our comprehensive solutions include replacing rusted-out doors and frames, ensuring durability and aesthetics.

Commercial Glass Door Repair Ann Arbor 

Is it time for a storefront refresh?

Transform your commercial space with our premium commercial glass door repair in Ann Arbor! Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can turn your doors into a statement of excellence. 

Highly Recommended 

“The team at Wolverine Glass have been amazingly helpful so far. Eric, Michelle, and Lisa have all been super responsive and accommodating to our emergent need to replace a shattered glass door. I highly recommend them!”

Diana R. Yelp Review

Commercial Door Repair Ann Arbor
Fogged Commercial Glass Door


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