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Have you talked to your shower door provider yet?

We recently had a homeowner contact us asking for assistance with their shower door in a bathroom they had just finished tiling. The homeowner just had their shower tiled completely and was now running into a problem. The tile they had used was beautiful, but because it was glass tile instead of ceramic or porcelain, they were facing a significant roadblock. Glass tile is very susceptible to cracking and/or breaking when shower hardware is attached to it. 

The homeowner now faced a problem. Shower door providers either would not do the job at all due to this issue, or would only install certain configurations that minimize the risk of the tile cracking. Unfortunately, the latter did not match the homeowners’ original expectations for their shower door. The homeowner must now either rework the tile (an added expense and delay) or accept a different shower door.

This could have been avoided by working with an experienced shower door provider much earlier in the project. The cracking risk could have been identified before tile was laid. This would have allowed the homeowner to either select a different type of tile or have the shower provider and the tile setter work together to accommodate their preferred shower hardware.

Need Inspiration for Your Bathroom?

Ready for a new shower but don’t know what’s right for your bathroom? Wolverine Glass offers a wide variety of shower doors, glass options, and types of hardware. Check out our gallery for inspiration!

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Is your shower in need of an upgrade? Are you ready to finally have the bathroom of your dreams? A brand new, elegant shower is just a few clicks away. Reach out to us at Wolverine Glass for a showroom consultation early in your project so that we can make your bathroom remodel go as smoothly as possible. We’ve been serving the Ann Arbor area since 1990 and are ready to satisfy your residential glass needs. Contact us today to get started on a new shower in Ann Arbor.