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The Do's and Don'ts of Shower Maintenance

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Do you see spots forming on your new shower door handle? 

Is a thin film forming on your glass shower door? 

A new glass shower door is a great addition to any bathroom remodel. You can keep it looking great with little maintenance.

Here are a few steps to keep your shower looking great:  

  • Always run the bathroom fan during and after taking a shower.  This helps to maintain good ventilation, which will help to keep mold and mildew off your shower.
  • After showering, use a squeegee to remove the water on the glass.  A quick pass with the squeegee will help to avoid water spots and minerals/contaminants from collecting on the surface.
  • Wipe down wet hardware with a soft, dry towel or rag.  This will help to keep spots away and contaminants from collecting on the surface.  

If you are diligent with these steps, this is all the cleaning you will need to do on your shower.  If you have hard water or are unable to clean your shower daily, we recommend that you clean your shower every 15 uses.  This can be done with a mild cleaning solution made of a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar to get spots off the glass.  The hardware can be cleaned by mixing a couple of drops of mild liquid soap with warm water and wiping the hardware with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.  

For long-term insurance, purchase your glass with a product such as ShowerGuard®, an advanced coating fused to the surface when it's made.  This is a special type of glass that has an advanced coating fused onto the surface when it’s being made.  This coating fills in all the microscopic pores in the surface of the glass, leaving little space for residue to collect.  This permanently protects the glass from being damaged by hard water, soap residue, heat, and humidity.  This product does not eliminate the need to clean, but it makes the process much easier and protects your investment in your shower door and bathroom.  

There are a few things to avoid when cleaning your shower to avoid damage:

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.  Everything in a shower can scratch, whether it’s the glass or the hardware.  Some cleaners have abrasives in them that are made to scour a surface.  These types of cleaners can leave small scratches on your glass, reducing the clarity of the glass over time.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners that are ammonia, bleach, oxide, or acid based.  These cleaners can etch and pit your glass over time, leaving it dull.  If you need to wear gloves to use a cleaner, or if the cleaner would irritate your bare hands, then it is likely too harsh for your glass.
  • Avoid “leave on” and self-cleaning products.  If these products are not washed off correctly, residue and contaminants can be left behind in the small pores of the glass.
  • Do not use any cleaners on hardware.  The chemicals in these cleaners will pit and etch the anodized or painted finish on the hardware.  The chemicals can also attack and damage the gaskets and seals between the hardware and the glass. 

Maintain Your Showers in Ann Arbor for Lasting Clarity 

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