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Custom Mirror Hanging Options

Large Mirror Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Large Mirror

Are you looking for a way to make your room feel more spacious and luxurious? 

Did you recently purchase a custom mirror? Not sure how to hang it? 

A custom mirror is a great way to finish off a bathroom remodel or at-home gym installation because it can make a room feel brighter and more open.  

One of the choices that you’ll have when selecting your mirror is how it will be secured to the wall.  There are a number of methods, and each can create a different look.

Custom Mirror Hanging Options

Mirror glue or mastic, a resin commonly used in construction, is used when installing mirrors. A mirror must have some other mechanical means to support the weight.  

Clear Block and Glue – This is the most straightforward and affordable way to install your mirror.  It requires a solid, level surface on which the mirror can rest; for bathroom remodels, this is commonly the vanity backsplash.  Small clear blocks are used to cushion and provide separation between the mirror and the backsplash.  The backsplash supports the weight of the mirror and the mirror glue holds the mirror against the wall.  Backsplashes can work well with this arrangement; however,we do not recommend having the mirror rest directly on a counter.  

J-Channel – The next most common method for securing a mirror is to use a J shaped channel.  This channel can come in a variety of finishes like chrome or brushed nickel.  The channel is screwed into the wall along the bottom.  Mirror glue will secure the mirror to the wall as it rests in the channel.  

Clips – A pair of metal clips at the top and bottom of a mirror can be used to both support the weight of the mirror and hold it in place.  Like the channel method, these clips come in a variety of finishes. The clip brackets are secured to the wall and then the mirror is clipped into place. The clips provide some standoff between the wall and the mirror’s backing to prevent moisture from building up and damaging the back of the mirror. Clips also make it easy to remove the mirror in the future for cleaning or replacement. 
These clips are not the plastic clips that you may see around some mirrors in bathrooms.  Plastic clips cannot support the weight of a mirror. Instead, they are used to hold the mirror against the wall while something else supports the weight.  

Hang Its – A “Hang It” is a special metal bracket that is attached to the back of a mirror and allows the mirror to hang like a picture frame.  This product secures the mirror to the wall without any additional metal clips or frame around the edges of the mirror.  For mirrors that have bevels or other edge treatments, this avoids having the mirror hardware interrupt the edge treatment.

Wood frame - A mirror can be secured within a wooden frame or structure similar to a picture frame.  As with all of the previous methods, the weight of the mirror has to be supported by more than just mirror glue.  

Keep in Mind when Hanging Your Mirror

Mirror glue and mastic are special adhesives specifically formulated for use with mirrors.  Other generic or general-purpose construction adhesives may secure the mirror to the wall, but the chemicals in those adhesives will eat away at the mirror backing over time.  Eventually, you will have black spots across your mirror wherever you used this adhesive.  Always use a mirror specific glue/mastic.

If the mirror is in a space with a higher risk of impact or breakage, like a fitness room, you might want to use a product called safety backing; Safety backing is a special tape that is applied to the back of the mirror that will hold the mirror intact if it gets damaged.  

Custom Hanging for Large Mirrors in Ann Arbor! 

Do you need help choosing the best hanging method for your mirror? 

Whether you have a standard project, or want to create a one-of-a-kind feel for your home, Wolverine Glass provides custom, large mirrors in Ann Arbor tailored to your needs.

If you’re ready to upgrade, schedule a showroom consultation at (734)426-5600 for design choice options and project planning. 


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