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Frameless Vs. Framed Shower Doors

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Are you looking at options to remodel your shower?

Leaning toward a luxurious bathroom experience?

Do you know the difference between framed and frameless shower doors?

Remodeling your bathroom is always an exciting time. An updated look to your shower can revitalize the room and increase the value of your home. Before you decide to go all in on your new shower, it’s important to choose the right kind of door. Whether it’s a framed or frameless door, there’s no absolute right choice, only the right choice for you.

Framed Vs. Frameless

The biggest difference between framed and frameless shower doors is how much, if any, metal frame surrounds the glass in the shower and shower door. Frameless doors typically have thicker, heavier glass that can stand on its own without the need for a frame. Framed doors are thinner, more flexible, and need a frame to support them. The current trends favor frameless doors for their sleek, modern looks, but both offer certain benefits. 

Framed Doors

The biggest benefit of framed doors is their price-point. They’re more affordable and will always get the job done. Additionally, framed doors are easier to install than frameless doors and are often better at keeping the water in the shower area.

Frameless Doors

Aesthetically speaking, frameless shower doors offer a lot more than framed doors. Their upscale look can turn any bathroom from old and outdated into luxe and high-class. Additionally, they’re easier to clean than framed doors, with no place for dirt and mineral deposits to gather.

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