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Commercial Services

Have you noticed a chip in your storefront window?

Was your glass front door damaged?

Keeping your glass doors and windows clear and chip-free can help keep customers from walking away. 

It’s important to find a glazier service provider with the experience, knowledge, and flexibility to handle any situation.

Wolverine Glass and our sister company, Sandhill Glass Co., can help. We fabricate and install aluminum frame windows, entrances, storefronts, and curtainwall systems for commercial and governmental buildings. We also provide repair and service work for these same systems. 

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

Windows: We can install or repair any type of window, including single-pane, double-pane, and triple-pane windows.
Storefront Glass: For businesses of all sizes, we install or repair storefront glass as well as provide custom glass solutions for your specific needs.
Entrance Doors: Chip or break repair, whole replacements, and new installations, we got your entrance doors covered.
Curtain Wall Systems: Curtain wall systems for your commercial building, including installation and repair services. 
Security Glass: If your security glass is cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, we can repair it to its original condition. If your security glass is simply outdated or no longer matches the look of your home or business, we can replace it with new, modern glass. 

Wolverine Can Help with Your Commercial Glass Repair in Ann Arbor 

If you need to install, replace, or repair commercial glass in Ann Arbor, Wolverine Glass has the knowledge and expertise to help you. 

Contact us today at (734) 426-5600 for your commercial glass installation and replacements. Don’t worry about accurate measurements or glass types when you have professionals on the job.

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