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Can Any Bathroom Have a Steam Shower?

steam shower ann arbor

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your shower experience? 

Do you wish you could steam your stress away from the comfort of your home? 

Installing a steam shower during your bathroom remodel is a good way to add value to your home and provide new at home relief.

What makes a steam shower different? 

When designing most showers for a new bathroom or bathroom remodel, proper ventilation of the steam and moisture created during a hot shower is a design feature. However, there is one type of shower where the shower design works to contain that steam within the shower, steam showers.  In the steam shower design, the glass walls and doors extend from floor to ceiling.  
Another unique feature that is available on steam showers is an operable transom.  The transom acts as a small window above the shower door.  This gives you the ability to let some of the steam escape to better regulate the temperature.
Steam showers also offer greater flexibility in where the main door swings in and out.  Because the glass panels are secured to both the floor and the ceiling, the glass door can be hinged off of another glass panel instead of a wall.  This allows the door to be centered in the opening or swing in a way that might be less intrusive in the bathroom.

Can any bathroom contain a steam shower?  

No.  The shower area needs to be constructed of materials that are resistant to water and moisture.  The entire space, including the ceiling, would need to be tiled.  Drywall and other pervious materials will be damaged from the moisture generated in a steam shower.  The light fixture that may be present in the steam shower may also need to be designed to withstand high humidity.

Does a steam shower require special maintenance?  

A steam shower will tend to have more glass than a regular shower, the glass goes all the way to the ceiling which may be hard to reach.  Using a squeegee after each use helps keep the glass looking clean and clear.  We recommend using ShowerGuard® glass that has an advanced coating fused to the surface when it's made and permanently protects the glass from the damaging effects of hard water, heat, humidity, soap residue, and cleaning agents.
After finishing using the steam shower, removing all the excess moisture in the air is still important.  This can be done by turning on the bathroom fan and opening the door to the steam shower. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Steam Shower in Ann Arbor 

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