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Selecting the Correct Hardware for Your Project

Glass Shower Doors Ann Arbor

Are you remodeling your bathroom?

Considering a new shower?

Did you know that shower glass has varying hardware options?

Selecting the correct hardware is essential when configuring your new shower door. The vast array of hardware options can be daunting when making your selections for your new shower door.

Here are a few things you should consider when picking new hardware: 


Do you know what finish or color you want?  If you have already selected a finish for your other bathroom hardware, you will want the shower door to match.  There are several common finishes available for shower doors such as chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black.  These finishes are readily available for many different types of hardware and tend to be available at a lower cost.

Newer or uncommon finishes may not have the same availability and could limit your options.  Unlike the common finishes, there can also be variations in color between manufacturers.  This can make it difficult to match the finish of your shower door hardware with the other hardware in your bathroom.  


Most hardware falls into two broad categories:  square and round. For simple hardware like hinges and clips, there are three common shapes: square, square beveled, and round beveled.  Ideally, you should select shower door hardware that is like the other hardware in your bathroom.  Consider the handles that might be used on your vanity or the faucet that was selected and choose a shape for your shower door that matches.

There are eight general styles of handles available.  Most come in a variety of finishes. Similar to hinges, handles come in styles that are either more rounded or square.  

Clips vs. Channel

A typical shower door arrangement will include other pieces of glass beyond the door itself.  In a European style or frameless shower door, these side panels are commonly secured by two different methods.  The choice of whether to use a channel or clips comes down to personal preference and cost.  Both methods perform the same function - they hold the glass in place, but you may prefer the look of one over the other.  

Channel is a 5/8” deep piece of aluminum U channel that is available in a variety of finishes to match the other hardware in your shower.  For a typical side panel in a shower, the glass is held in place by a piece of channel on the bottom and the side of the glass.  

The second method for holding glass in place is clips.  Three or more clips are attached to the glass and wall to hold panels in place, while channels run along the entire edge of a piece of glass.

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