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What is the Timeline for a Shower Door in a Bathroom Remodel?

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Remodeling a bathroom can be time consuming and expensive.  The more complex the design, the more challenging the project! If you’re managing the remodel yourself, you may wonder when the best time to engage your shower door provider would be. 

The work on the shower door is typically one of the last things to occur in a bathroom remodel, usually not beginning until the tile has been set. Frameless shower doors are generally custom made to fit the specific shower, and since the glass is tempered for safety purposes, it cannot be altered once it is made.

That’s why accurate measurements are very important, and why those cannot happen until the tile is in place. Once your shower door provider has the measurements, it will generally be several weeks before the glass is made, the hardware delivered, and the shower installed. 

That does not mean you need to wait until your bathroom is almost finished to reach out to your shower door provider. We recommend reaching out to your shower door provider early in the design process. That way, you can discuss the layout and any special considerations that may exist in your new bathroom.

An experienced shower door provider can identify issues early on that might limit your options later in the process or that could lead to extra expense. Making sure that there is adequate framing in place around the shower to support the hinges is just one example.

Having a consultation early can also help you as you are making your selections for other hardware used in your bathroom. Many customers are surprised that they already know their preferences for their bathroom remodel such as their shower or sink hardware. They have likely already chosen the finish for their bathroom vanity faucet and other hardware that might have already been installed or ordered before the shower, which means anything else they order afterwards has to take those early choices into account.

Your shower door provider will be able to provide you with an overview of the different hardware options used in showers. As you are making choices for your vanity cabinet hardware, sink faucets, and toilet you will understand how all of this can all be tied together.

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